Friday, February 27, 2009

YPF.....or pudding?

Pudding anyone??

This gorgeous skein arrived in the post this week. It is the latest installment of the Pudding club.

A beautiful skein of Apple Crumble.

I love the way these colours work together.

I like mine with icecream, how do you like yours?

I am getting another skein of this from a club member, crumble as a dessert was always a favourite of mine. :) How can I resist?

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I found this on a few blogs, one was Aknita's. Aknita is all about Love, so much so that she has knitted a wonderful Forest Canopy shawl to help raise funds for MSF. Please go along and read the post for more information.

Your Word is "Fearless"

You see life as your one chance to experience everything, and you just go for it!

You believe the biggest risk is being afraid and missing out on something amazing.

Sometimes your fearlessness means you're daring. You enjoy risky activities.

And sometimes your fearlessness means you're courageous. You're brave enough to do the right thing, even when it's scary.

Some other Fearless people include Huo Yuanjia whom Jet Li played in the film Fearless.

Me I don't feel brave at all.............who knows. :)


I'm back to my Blog after a week's holiday at half-term in Fuengirola, Andalusia. We drove to Belfast airport in Sleet and icy road conditions and spent the next week either on the beach, in t-shirts and shorts, or at Fuengirola Zoo. I recommend the Zoo as well worth a visit if you are in the area. The fact that they have had so many offspring born to the inhabitants there speaks for itself. The Zoo had just re-opened when we first visited it in 2004, I was expecting my second child then and it was lovely to bring him back there and show him all the animals he had visited before but was unaware of............

While on holiday I started a new pair of socks. These are Rivendells by Janel Laidman and are being knitted in the lovely Iona Sportweight from Mackintosh Yarns.

Finally another finished knit: the Ribbed Socks in Evolution: October.

Closeup of the intense October colours.

They are so soft!


Now to work on the other 23 Works in Progress that are in my Ravelry projects...............

Friday, February 06, 2009


Another skein of Iona Sport Sock yarn from MacKintosh Yarns, gorgeous to touch!! :)

I can barely wait to wind it!

Better than a cupcake anyday!!!

This colourway is Jasmine, which is also one of my favourite scents

I love these merino/cashmere/nylon blends and the sportweight knits up very fast and soft.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Does she knit anymore?.....................................

Improvisations are finished and ready for the recipient. My SiL is a wonderful and caring person, my sons adore her and she is very good to them. Besides she has great taste. She loves my hand knitted socks. These are for her. :)

Knitted in Iona Sport weight Yarn from Macyarns.

This is a gorgeous skein of handspun silk from Lilcoley. I have enjoyed knitting this scarf immensely. I even delayed finishing to maintain the experience of handling the soft silky yarn. :)

Soft mauve and gold colours

knitted in 2x2 rib, the yarn does the rest

I love the slight slubbing and thick/thin effect knitted up......................