Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have been nominated for a "You make my Day Award" by Terri and Maggan

I have to award to others now. I would have added Terri and Maggan anyway, but since they have been awarded already I will use their slots for some of the many georgeous blogs I read. Piglottie as already been awarded or she would be top of the list. Joy has a lovely balanced blog with stories of interest and lovely modelled knits. Fiona and LittleBerry I find inspirational reads. Noo and Natalie are EcoWarriers who act now and then as a social conscience for me but who entertain nonetheless. Zonda and Shannon who I aspire to knit/spin/photograph like etc and are fun reads too. Queen of the Froggers and Sussex Yorkie who have lovely stash and wonderful knits too and are also happy to share their adventures. Kay who I admire for her sock yarn stash but mainly because she is such a lovely brave person. There are loads of other regular and wonderful reads, but strangely enough some of them already have awards! ;) :)

Thank you guys for all collectively but not exclusively making my Days a brighter place. :D

Monday, January 28, 2008

More Knitted socks.........................no really :)

Another pair of Monkeys in Skein Queen Plushness, colourway Sugared Almonds. 56 stitch no purl modified pattern used with 2.75mm. :)

I have cast on for another pair of Monkeys, this time in Wollmeise Paul Sockenwolle.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

More socks..................

Another pair of socks for January. These are knitted to my own pattern which I still need to type up. This pattern was created specifically for the Evolution yarn from Chameleon Colorworks, which I displayed yesterday on YPF. The cuffs are a little short, although I personally like short ankle socks, however there is enough yarn left over to knit another 2 inches of rib on the cuff if that is preferred. I was just afraid of running out of yarn initially as these skeins are smaller [2oz/154yds (~57g/141m)] than some but ?sportweight :) These socks were knitted on 3mm Knitpick Options DPNs. The socks are for a UK size 6 Foot length 9 3/4 ".

I also cast on another pair of Monkeys. I had been wearing the No Purl Posh ones and just had to have another pair to wear while the other one was drying! These are cast on in SkeinQueen's Plushness (same base yarn as Posh Emily) the colour is Sugared Almonds. The yarn reminded me of the little 'favours' we had on the tables at our wedding reception. Here is the progress pics. One done............I also used my Harmony Options Dpns 2.75mm for the first time and I love them!!

I must add a word or two of Congratulations to Kerrie et al at Yarn Forward Magazine. This edition is the best yet! I loved the 'real life' models way better than airbrushed stick insects . Lots of very interesting articles which held interest for my children too! Loved Tess' Rabbits but the kids CANNOT have one! Lovely knits in the magazine, new techniques (to me anyway) and a very easy to read layout. I enjoyed my first skim and am looking forward to more in depth reading and knitting. I will definitely be renewing my subscription!

Another Congratulations to a Forum Friend Anni from YarnAddictAnni blog on her sock design. Diamonds are very pretty and are a girl's best friend after all :D

Friday, January 25, 2008

YPF ....................................Evolution

Today's scrumptious yarn comes from Socktopus. It is Chameleon Colorworks Evolution in the colour Peacock. I've been knitting socks with it, but this is it untouched by my hands!! It's becoming ribbed socks and the pattern is nearly ready to write up :)

Different levels of lighting just make such a difference to the photography. I have such a lot to learn!!!

This is the fabulous parcel that it came in with a sheep tape measure treat from Alice! Thank you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No Purl Posh Monkeys

I finished these on Sunday but had to wait until today to graft and photograph them. They are georgeous and I can hardly wait to wear them :) They fit into my projects for: SAM5, SockDown January on Ravelry, Sock Yarn Project 2008 and my knitting from Stash challenge on Craftythreadsnyarn forum :) I got this particular skein from a forum member Ali

Detail on the heel. I used Grumperina's Pretty method to do the heel gusset.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Evolutionary processes........

The first of the adult size version of the little ribbed socks I did for my son is now completed. This wonderful yarn Chameleon Colorworks Evolution is 100% wool but because of the treatment it receives during processing it loses nearly all of the stretchiness that you expect of 100% wool. The challenge when knitting socks with it is to use a pattern which will compensate for that loss of stretchiness. This pattern I believe does that. I will test knit the second next and write up in a future post for anyone else who wants to have a little silky soft evolutionary sock. :)

This sock is for a UK size 6 foot and is knitted with 3mm needles. As you can see there is enough yarn over to make a bigger sock than I have knitted. I was being cautious with the first skein. The colourway is Peacock and I bought it at Socktopus. I also received Cat Bordhi's new Sock book from Alice this morning. Wow!!! I will be busy for a while reading that...........

Friday, January 18, 2008

YPF.........................Wollmeise Paul

I studied History of Art at school many moons ago! One project I was assigned in that time was to do a study of the Artists from a particular 'period' that interested me. I chose Post-Impressionist painters as their works were and still are my favourite. I have prints of Seurat, Cross and Gauguin on my Living room wall which I searched for for many years before finding them in the shop at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Claudia from Wollmeise also has an interest in this period and has named 4 new yarns after some of the artists including Paul which todays yarn is named after. Way to go Claudia I could not resist this particular colourway ever!! Now I have the perfect colour for my Firestarters and since I have done a toe up sock now I can contemplate beginning these, after I have finished 3 projects, I did promise. :)

This skein is sockenwolle and so soft!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Having a Blue Period!!!!

I've noticed a blue theme with the last 5 WIPs. I wonder why, any ideas? I'm not feeling blue.

First: Progress with my Salish Sea Socks by Cat Bordi knitted with STR-M Coola Bella (RSC dec 07). I'm disappointed that the blog is now closed and help with these is no longer available through the usual channels, rug and off feet springs to mind!

Second: Progress with an Adult version of the Evolution Rib socks I knit for my DS2. The colourway is Peacock and I got it from Alice at Socktopus.

Third: My first knitted dishcloth, this is small at the yarn is fine fingering weight/knitted on 3.25mm needles. I tried a pattern, can you tell what it is?

Fourth: the first of my Posh Emily Monkeys in Stormy Seas colour.

Fifth: The Haven scarf for my aunt in Hipknits Silk/Cashmere 4ply, also blue.

I am going to finish at least 3 of these before casting on another knit!! I promise. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

At last I started a RSC sock!!

I couldn't resist this yarn, it squealed to be wound into a cake and then to be knitted until I resisted! My first ever toe up, and my first club sock too! This yarn is divine!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Works in progress...........................sock yarn

I am posting some progress pics of the current projects which happen to meet the requirements of several Ravelry, KAL or CraftyThreadsnYarn challenges. Both of these are luxury yarns, I've just noticed, maybe I feel in the need to spoil myself? I really do need to finish these and get cracking with PIF gifts next. :)

This is the first of a pair of No Purl Monkeys in Posh Emily: Stormy Seas. The pattern is adjusted for gauge by casting on 56 stitches and using a 14 stitch pattern ( just leaving off the last stitch on either side) over 4 dpns. These are for me and a UK size 6.

This is another Haven from Kim Hargreaves Heartfelt in Hipknits Silk Cashmere sock (4ply yarn) at the request of my Aunt.

Friday, January 11, 2008

YPF ..............Last Rockin Sock Club 07 installment

This week's Yarn Pron is my last installment of the RockinSockClub yarn. STR-Mediumweight: Bella Coola. The pattern is a Cat Bordi. Although I still love this yarn I am not rejoining the club this year. I haven't yet knit one pair of the club socks to my shame.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Evolution Mitts

I knew I wanted mitts with this yarn as soon as I felt it. I like Fetching but it is for aran yarn so this is an improvisation of the Fetching pattern to suit this yarn which is sportweight. This is the first mitt and needs a little further adjustment to the pattern at the wrist, but they are lovely and soft. I will knit up the second one soon and write up the pattern if anyone else is interested.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

2 more FOs....................................

I have finished 2 more items. These are 2 pair of socks for my 3 year old (my biggest fan of my socks BTW). The first one is a pattern I wrote myself to suit the yarn and foot size. The Yarn is Chameleon Colorworks Evolution in Figgy Pudding given to me by the lovely Piglottie and bought at Socktopus. I started this over the Holidays and like the feel of the yarn so much now that I ordered more for a pair for myself. I will try toe-up for these, I think as the skeins are only 154yds albeit in Sportweight. :) Both these items count towards SAM5 and Sock Yarn Project 2008 on CraftythreadsnYarn. :) A few more WiPs finished and I can start something new :D

Micro Monkeys in Interlacements Tiny Toes: Grape Harvest, size UK size 7 (child)

I am imposing a finish some of the long standing WiPs before any new major knits are started as I am running out of project bags to keep them in....................................we will see how long this lasts.

Friday, January 04, 2008

YPF...........................Loopy Groupy Package

Todays YPF comes from the parcel entering me into Loopy Groupies. The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in Deep Sea Flower. I love the intense greeny purple/blues of the yarn. The parcel arrived before Christmas but was put to one side with all the business of the Holidays.

All those vibrant colours!!

This was the yarn I received as my welcome present, it's lovely Sheri, thank you!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Converse Blogging

One might imagine that having almost 2 weeks leave would enable more blogging not less. Conversely I have had less time not more for blogging. I have knit though. I am working on a new bag using all or most of my Wollmeise test skeins. I really love this yarn, it is very soft and very like Lion and Lamb to touch. The vibrant colours are just a delight to knit with, each skein unfolds to tell a different colour story. Simply beautiful. I want another wrap now having seen more of the colours in real life. :)

I have a few ideas about the bag project but nothing concrete yet. I have also been trying to get through WiPs to leave a clear way to doing some bigger projects this year. :)

I also joined SAM5 which Zonda is hosting this time round. It should give me encouragement to knit at least one pair a month. :)

I would like to take the opportunity to wish all the lovely people who visit here (and the even braver people who post comments :)) a Happy, (Healthy) and Prosperous New Year for 2008. "Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh" if you prefer it in Gaelic. BTW Happy Knitting too.