Friday, January 18, 2008

YPF.........................Wollmeise Paul

I studied History of Art at school many moons ago! One project I was assigned in that time was to do a study of the Artists from a particular 'period' that interested me. I chose Post-Impressionist painters as their works were and still are my favourite. I have prints of Seurat, Cross and Gauguin on my Living room wall which I searched for for many years before finding them in the shop at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Claudia from Wollmeise also has an interest in this period and has named 4 new yarns after some of the artists including Paul which todays yarn is named after. Way to go Claudia I could not resist this particular colourway ever!! Now I have the perfect colour for my Firestarters and since I have done a toe up sock now I can contemplate beginning these, after I have finished 3 projects, I did promise. :)

This skein is sockenwolle and so soft!!!


LittleBerry said...

Very nice I like the colour combo I'm almost tempted to buy DH some as his name is "Paul" :o)

sgeddes said...

That is some of the bst sock yarn and the color is wonderful!

I've got to try and get some of those new colors!

tiennie said...

Oohh...very pretty colors!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I love her new artist series. I remember reading her blog post about these new colors and I thought they were marvelously spot on.

Peachy said...

Ha, now I know why snatched it from me! ;)

That sock yarn just looks great, I'm really looking forward to how the Firestarters will loop in it :)