Sunday, June 18, 2006

Pattern for Contessa bag.

Cast on 12 stitches and knit 12 rows in Garter stitch [needle size US 11/8.0mm].
(These measurements are based on 100grams of a thick thin wool like Colinette Point5 or Silkwood Contessa,
to use another wool then I would add 1/3 more than the size you want felted,
eg 1 and 1/3 the height of a soup tin etc)

Pick up stitches around the sides placing a stitch marker at the first stitch only
and begin knitting in the round.

Then knit 25 rows. On the next row knit into the front and back of every stitch
until you reach the marker.(you will now have double the stitches) Then repeat
(you will have 4 times the stitches you started with). On the 3rd row for a small bag (100g)
or 4th for a larger bag (200g +) Bind/cast off. Then using the remaining wool
knit a 3 stitch i-cord for a small bag or 4 for a larger bag.

Attach the i-cord on opposite sides of the inside top edge and felt the bag.

I used a medium wash on 90 degrees to felt my bag. Your machine may be different,
swatching is always safer. When drying I used a soup can of suitable size (wrapped
in a plastic bag to avoid rusting/staining) to help the bag keep it's shape.
When it's dry you may want to add some stiffening to the handle. This is a matter of
preference only. You can also add novelty yarn to the edge if using a single colour,
just double strand with the wool when knitting the edge.

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Anonymous said...

gilraen (how do you pronounce that?),

I was surfing through and wanted to tell you that your projects are beautiful!

I am also a mother of two and wife to a workaholic. :-p I have a chronic illness (fms/cmp: is a good site if you don't know about it) and am constantly chasing my 7 1/2 year old ADHD son and his 3 1/2 year old little brother. :)

We live in the southeastern part of the United States (about 4 hours north of Orlando, Florida--most people know where Disney World is ;->) and are gearing up for another school year for our oldest. He's going into the second grade and we're so proud of him.

Chat with me if you like:
scrubbygardenkiss (I am a big fan of actor Zach Braff--it's silly really since I am 35 and he's, what? 25? :^>). I am a beginner knitter but have been doing it for a while. I have just not had as much time to spend on it as I'd like. Since our youngest is now getting a little older, I am able to spend a little more time with it.

Take care,
Tracy from U.S.

Anonymous said...


If you looked at the site I provided, you would understand why I forgot to tell you on which IM to reach me! :)))

scrubbygardenkiss (Yahoo Messenger)

Take care,
Tracy AKA "The Mad Knitter" (Alice in Wonderland)