Tuesday, August 29, 2006

secret santa scarf

This I knitted with my Curious Yarn 4 ply silk in antique roses. The pattern my secret santa also gave me. Thanks 'Duckie' ;) :D


Piglottie said...

You've been so busy! I need to get on with my Christmas knitting. I love the Silkwood Contessa scarves - is there a pattern somewhere please?

gilraen said...

I made up the patterns Piglottie.

I cast on 11-13 stitches using 10cm needles. I used a loop stitch to create the fringe, either 2 wraps or 4 wraps for the longer fringe.

I then used a garter edge on one to keep it straight and alternate bands of stocking stitch (ws and rs) on the other.

On the garter edge scarf I used a random loop occasionally with an occasional patch of ws Stocking stitch for texture and variety.

On the banded scarf I added rows of loop stitch at the end of the 3rd band nearest the fringe and every 2nd band other that that.

Any combination will work as well. I have more Contessa to use. An hour or so finishes one of these scarves. They are for fashion conscious teenage sisters and cousins so they have to be similar but different. :)