Thursday, May 24, 2007

Secret Summer Santa

Look what my Secret Santa sent me.

My DS is delighted to get his hands on the little pink pig which he is convinced was sent to him :)

I want to thank my little Pink Pig friend for a lovely surprise :)
EDIT I have guessed wrong so now to find out. :) My Secret Santa was blogless Farmgirl. Thank you so much :)


Helen said...

OOh I have that slipper pattern! Maybe we should have a slipperalong :)

Queen Frogger said...

Lovely pressies... Hope you can guess soon!

Anonymous said...

OOH, Great package! I've been wanting to try those clogs.

nanatoo said...

Lovely pressie - gorgeous colour yarn. I know Farmgirl in real life! :)

tiennie said...

How fun! Enjoy!