Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter everyone

Have a Happy Easter everyone, enjoy the chocolate and I hope the weather is reasonable where ever you are in the world. :)

This was my Easter Egg to myself this year. I had wanted some ever since cuddling it at This is Knit in Blackrock Co Dublin. It is Mirasol Sulka (merino/alpaca and silk) and so soft and cuddly. My 3 year old just wrapped a skein around his neck and says "MINE!" :D

I have started a reversible stitch pattern scarf with this as I couldn't resist it!! I'm weak!!!!


Sussex Yorkie said...

Lovely yarn, I look forward to seeing progress. Don't overindulge, well not too much!

Zonda said...

Beautiful yarn!

murdo said...

Gorgeous yarn, your 3 year old has great taste...takes after Mum :) Monkey swap sounds intriguing!!!!!

sgeddes said...

Sounds like a very smart little man! It is a wonderful looking skein. Hope you had a happy Easter.