Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pay it Forward parcels arrived safely

My PIF gifts have arrived. I loved doing this but was a little slow on finishing my knits, for that I apologise and hope you enjoy your socks. I chose for each of you what I thought might be untried yarns. Thank you all for letting me know they arrived safely :)

Kay's No Purl Monkeys in Wollmeise 100% merino superwash sock: Paul

SussexYorkie's No Purl Monkey's in Fiesta Baby Boom: Rainforest

Rachel's No Purl Monkeys in Posh Emily: Pomegranate

I have now knit 15 Monkeys albeit of differing sizes.........time for a new pattern?? :D


Zonda said...

Fab socks! you ready for another pattern? ;)

tiennie said...

15?! 15?! Wow! They're awesome.

Anonymous said...

Pomatomus!! The Monkeys are indeed lovely and still on my list.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaay. <3 Mine are on my feet right now--I love them to bits.