Thursday, April 03, 2008


A number of parcels arrived this week. I got 4 Phildar catalogues of knitting patterns, one in French as they had run out of the english one, but I have some french and will be able to use the other catalogues as 'codebooks' to translate :) I hope.

The first yarn parcel was from Dee at Posh Yarns.

Posh Yarns Eva 4ply in Peacock

Posh Yarns Eva in Willow.
The 2nd yarn parcel was from Alice at Socktopus, this lucky girl is going to sock camp!

Handmaiden Casbah in Nova Scotia for socks.

Chameleon Colorworks Evolution in Cobalt Blue

Mountains in the Moonlight by Indigo Moon

The 3rd yarn parcel was from a fellow raveler who helped me out a lot, thanks :)

Remember I wanted the yarn for this, well it's here double quick, 14 skeins of Urban Silk. Yummy!! :)

The 5th yarn parcel was this:

some 100% aran wool I bought for felting from New Lanark Mills. It was less than £1 per 50grams! I am keen to see how it felts. I t feels like Rowanspun Aran which felts beautifully.

I now need more furniture to store this all......................if only I didn't see so much lovely yarn and have such desire to knit the lovely patterns out there!!


YarnSnob said...

Oh my,i wish I had 5 parcels :) lovely yarns :)

fleegle said...

Wow! What a fabulous haul! I love Posh Yarn, too.

Thanks so much for you kind comments on Tischdecke!

Zonda said...

Oh wow!! Yarn overload..hehe..not, never in my book! Lovely yarns and colors! :)

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling well. But 5 parcels in 1 week! Jelous, not me.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh what a great haul!! Am VERY jealous of the gold silky one for that jacket LOL!!! And isn't the New Lanark great at that price.

Queen of the froggers said...

I love the peacock from Dee. I am never quick enough on that site. New Lanark yarn looks great.

Maggan said...

Oh so much wonderful yarn!! A really nice week. Love the sockyarn from PoshYarn! Have you decided what to knit?

Jacqui said...

mmmmmmmm yarny love yum.

Sorry, incoherence caused by yanr.

It all looks lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh. You have fabulous taste in colours--aren't those all beautiful.

Anni said...

Wow, gorgeous yarn. I love Eva. I've got the same base yarn as Eva now in laceweight (Luscious Lace). And I've got a skein of Cashbah too but in a different colourway. It's stunning.