Sunday, March 01, 2009

Stops, finishes and starts.

I started this a while back and have stopped it for a while. The pattern is Hawaii Vest by Artesano Ltd: designer Marita Rolin and knitted in Manos Silk Blend. It should end up looking like this!

It has been slow so far but there was something new for me in knitting this. Making a pleat while knitting. It was easier than it looked/sounded.

The colourway is 6460 and I bought the yarn at This Is Knit in Blackrock Dublin. It is gorgeous to knit with!! And yes the needles are Knitpicks Harmony Straights, lovely to work with too :)

It will need blocked before wearing.

A finished knit, I am being stern with myself. I must finish something before casting on ANYTHING new. These are another pair of Ribbed Socks in Evolution.

The colourway is September and I got it at Socktopus.

Here is the something new that I started. It is Flower Scarf by Robyn Dilberto. I am knitting it in a lone skein of Posh Eva 4ply.

I also learnt something new with knitting this: Brioche stitch or Fisherman's Rib.

Have you learnt something new today? Let me know.................... :)


Maggan said...

It´s exciting to see how your vest will look like when it´s finished. I´ve bought a lot of yarn from Marita and she´s a really nice girl. The vest looks great and I like the yarn!

Aknita said...

Oh Gilraen, your vest is going to be so lovely.

And the socks too. And the scarf! Well done you.

I have learned one or two new things recently too, the most important of which is that sometimes all is not lost despite appearances to the contrary ;-)

tiennie said...

That vest is going to be so beautiful! Great socks too. :)

Liz said...

I love that vest, and the colourway you're doing it in is going to look so good!

Anni said...

Love Manos and that's a gorgeous colourway. The socks look fab too.