Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A feast...............

It appears to be a feast of a famine with parcels and the UK postal service at the moment. There were 4 seperate parcels waiting for me when I got home.

My Rowan 42 book arrived for my first year in the Rowan club. :) Charmed Knits from the Book Depository. :) The New Debbie Bliss Luxury collection from a lovely seller on ebay. :) And last but not least is my Yarnyard Merino Club yarn. A beautiful merino tencel sock yarn, so silky soft to touch. :) More pics later of that beauty :)

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Piglottie said...

Wonderful parcels :) I'm really pleased with Rowan 42, and shall, one day, knit Cologne. I'm hoping to get the HP book soon too :)

PS: You have a little nomination on my latest blog post ;)