Friday, January 30, 2009


This week's yarn is another skein of a favourite yarn. Elizabeth Bennett is more than an iconic fictional heroine. She is a specially made yarn for Yarn Love. The yarn is a combination of 65% superfine merino, 20% bamboo, and 15% silk. The result is silky smooth yarn with a soft sheen. These 2 skeins came from Sonny and Shear.

Garden View

I love the combination of these 2 colours

It really is as soft as it looks

I wish I had the time to knit the yarn when it arrived!!!

Back to sock knitting!! I have to take pictures of yarn at the weekend due to light issues! It is nearly as overcast here as Forks!!


Aknita said...

More lovely yarn :-)

Ah, if only we didn't have to work, we could knit to our hearts content ;-)

Jean said...

The yarn combination will be comforting due to its softness. The colors remind me of flowering shrubs in the garden. Have you thought of a pattern for this beauty?

dawn draper said...

Winter really messes with photography, doesn't it? This yarn photo is fantastic, though. Can't wait to see what you knit with it.

Walden said...

The yarn looks lovely. I agree with you one the whole picture taking process . . . winter is a bad time to photograph.