Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blue Moon add new colours!

I have only just ordered and they've added more colours. I especially love Little Bunny Foo Foo, it is like a pink version of Lucy, scrummy :)

Although I haven't set eyes on the new Interweave Knits I understand that these colours are advertised in the new magazine.

I think these two will be next on the shopping list, but not this month!


Sussex Yorkie said...

I aren't looking anymore, I placed an order yesterday after reading your comments! And am now looking for the Sea Wool. Thank you x

Piglottie said...

Gil you torture me!!! OK, I give in. I'm going to order but was just wondering what weight you got as I haven't got a clue which one to order (and can you order direct from the site for delivery to the UK)? And is one skein enough for adult socks - and were you OK with the dreaded customs? So many questions! Am thinking Ruby Slippers...

PS: Am looking for Sea Wool too.

Piglottie said...

Forget to mention, do you remember the Little Bunny Foo Foo rhyme - bit strange:

Little Bunny Foo Foo,
Hopping through the forest
Scooping up the field mice
And boppin' 'em on the head

gilraen said...

Piglottie, I knitted my first pairs in mediumweight and I ordered both lightweight and mediumweight in the last order. I haven't come afoul of customs as my orders before shipping are usually less than £20. This yarn is so solid compared to others. It is soft and strong. Opal is like hessian rope compared to it.

Sea wool can be found here

I don't remember the rhyme at all :)

Piglottie said...

Thanks Gilraen. I think I might order the mediumweight (and if I get two skeins, one lightweight to compare). I know what you mean about Opal. I find it quite uncomfortable on my feet when I'm wearing my socks.

Re: the rhyme - I was brought up in Australia so maybe it was a thing there or in the US?

Anonymous said...

... Oh. Oh dear. You just HAD to post those, didn't you.

*trundles off to the BMFA site*

Anonymous said...


I've only used STR mediumweight and was thinking of trying some lightweight--you've tried both, I see, so what did you think of them as compared to one another?

gilraen said...

Kay I too have only used mediumweight, but I have ordered lightweight, it hasn't come yet though. I'll post the difference when it does :)