Sunday, November 16, 2008

A busier week than usual and no light for photos!!!

Did you ever have one of those weeks? Where you have a head cold for 3 weeks and no matter how early you go to work you still end up behind. This week was one of those and I am glad it is over now :)

I haven't done much knitting this week either as I was introduced to the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer on Sunday last week. The last 3 books of the series arrived on Thursday and are now all read!!! The books are a little twee at times, just too 'chocolate box picture' sometimes, but it is aimed at the young adult/late teen market so I understand. Despite this I really enjoyed them, much in the way I enjoy Disney films, just for entertainment etc.

After finishing Twilight last Sunday I started Bella by Kim Hargreaves. It's currently a pattern in the fabulous Amber Book and knitted with Rowan Big Wool. It feels so strange knitting with 12mm needles when I am used to sock needles :) I am more than half way through now and hope to finish next week!! Another knit hopefully for work.

The colour is Mulberry

I won't be able to post YPF posts every week from now on as the light is a problem. I can only get photographs done at the weekends now with the winter creeping in and work days are very long.

ETA: I did not pick this project because it has the same name as the lead female in the Twilight Series! I hadn't heard of her when I bought this kit from Kim Hargreaves!


Jean said...

I can totally sympathize, I've had bronchitis for a couple of weeks now and finally broke down and took the antibiotics the doctor gave me, am now recovering, but my city is on fire and smoke fills the air. By the way I am trying to photograph my projects at work in the break room and the photos are ok. I don't know if you have somewhere like that at your place of employment. I really love the photos you take of your socks and yarns, the colors are so beautiful.

K @ Tidewater Knits said...

Yech. Autumn colds are horrid.

I like your Bella! You must feel as though you're knitting with tree trunks. =D

Zonda said...

Glad to hear you are getting better! Yeah, the light around here goes early now too. I try to take a lot on one day when I have it. Love the new colorway and yes, it's nice to knit on larger needles!

Lin said...

I hope you feel better soon, horrid colds. The big wool knit looks lovely.

tiennie said...

Bella is a beautiful color! We'll have to discuss when you're done with the Twilight series.