Friday, April 17, 2009

YPF...................Orange Blossoms

This weeks skein is Orange Blossoms: a 4ply Merino Cashmere Sock yarn (new) by The Knittery. The Knittery has closed up shop in Australia and has moved to the US. The shop is closed until further notice so I snapped up this skein before Socktopus runs out of it altogether. The yarn is gorgeous to handle and makes lovely socks and shawls.

I love the rich fruity colours in this skein.

Don't you?

I feel like its a bowl of fruit salad like the chews of my childhood.

It looks so soft!!

And it is!!

I only wish I had the time to knit all the lovely patterns that would be perfect with this yarn. Here's one I fancy. What would be your first choice if it was your skein? :D


Karen said...

Just beautiful -- makes me think of warm summer sunshine!

Anonymous said...

I just love the look of that yarn and the colors, unfortunatly I am not allowed to buy any more yarn with me going to America a week on Sunday to stay with Pam, I will make up for it while I am there though. x

Aknita said...

It's beautiful Gilraen, and I must admit to snaffling a skein or two of this wonderful yarn yesterday for the very same reasons.

Anonymous said...