Friday, April 24, 2009


This week's stunning skein comes from a recent Posh Yarn update. The yarn is an old favourite Emily. The colourway is Droll. I was unsure as to why this particular name but saw this definition on my travels and am content that this may have been the reason.
2. a droll person; jester; wag.

The intensity of the colours is amazing!!

as is the variegation of colours.

The softness of this yarn is mindblowing

Just look at the rich depth, almost jungle/parrot like colours. Do you like?


Zonda said...

Very pretty! I does look so soft :)

Maggan said...

A lovely yarn! Love the colors. What will it turn out to be? Socks?

Fiona said...

That is beautiful. Great name too.

Jean said...

The colors remind me of a Macaw, what will you knit with this? I remember a pattern that called for rainbow yarn and think this yarn would be perfect for it (Eclectic Sole, I think one of the last patterns). You are so great at selecting the perfect pattern for each yarn and am dying to see what you do with this one.