Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another Posh scarf

I finished this last night. I used the Sophie Provoke to knit it.
I used 2 skeins of 8 ply and the small amount of yarn in front of the scarf is all that wasn't used. I know there are free patterns for curly scarves, but this pattern is particular to 2 skeins of Sophie 8ply.

Cast on 75 stitches using 6mm circular needles and a cable cast on.
Knit one row
Next row Knit into the front and Back of every stitch (KFB)
Knit one row
KFB every stitch
Knit one row
Next row Knit into each stitch but do not pull off left hand needle, Yarn Over, knit into stitch again and lift off left hand needle (K/YO/K)
Knit one row
Change to 10mm needles and On next row K/YO/K into every stitch
Knit one row casting off as you knit.


Sussex Yorkie said...

Very smart and IF I get my hands on some of that wool tonight I will have a go!

Kay Anne said...

Oooooooh look at that! I love it. I think I must knit one.

gilraen said...

I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow for a planned stressful early meeting to boost my confidence. It is so soft and cosy :)

dreamcatcher said...

Lovely scarf indeed! Sorry you missed out on yarn you wanted tonight. I sat on my hands and did not buy any! (OK, technically I bought yarn but not Posh Yarn ...)