Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

I ended up knitting some items and not getting time to take pics before giving them to the intended recipients. One was a DB Cashmerino Chunky scarf for my DB and the other a spiral scarf using Dee's Cashmere, I bought before Christmas, for his wife. :)

I'm now 1/4 the way through a silk Clapotis for my Godmother which she specifically asked for. I got the silk in Kerrie's Hipknits Sale before Christmas too. I never got started on a sock, yet! BUT my email from Blue Moon came in this morning so no excuse when it arrives, though I've not been able to access their site yet either, must be a lot of traffic on it :)

I wish all those I feel lucky enough to share my blog with a Happy and Prosperous New Year, many more of them, and a better year than last year for you all.

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