Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I don't know if I'm making progress as it's fiddly work knitting socks. I broke 4 Britany Birch DPNs and have had to use circulars, but they are not as pointy as the DPNs. I guess I'm just ham-fisted at this stage. I read that it does get easier, so there may be hope for me yet! More later, but this sock won't be finished in January 2007 anyway :D


Maggan said...

Oh yeah, that´s kind of spooky ;)
So simular Lol. I must admit I didn´t read your personal profile last night when I visited you.
The socks looks great! It probably will be cold in february too so you can relax..... ;)

Sussex Yorkie said...

I think you are making very good progress, they are a much more ambitious pair of socks for your first attempt than mine were. The yarn looks fab.

Piglottie said...

It does look lovely though Gil! Btw, my Vintage Floral yarn came from Piece of Beauty - absolutely gorgeous, cant wait to start knitting with it!